Today, TV channels provide man's sports show more than women's sports show.

Why? Should TV channel give equal time to women's sport and men's sport?

The number of shows broadcasted on TV which are about sports played by males is greater than that of programs about females’ sports. Such a tendency has its reasons, and both men’s and women’s sports show should have the same air time.

The primary reason why TV producers show more men’s sports programs than their counterparts is that male players have greater physical strength than females. Thus, they are more suitable for sports which require superior strengths to play such as weightlifting or boxing, leading to a variety of different sports shows to broadcast. Another explanation for the greater number in men’s sports show than women’s is that some popular and sophisticated sports events usually require male players. World Cup, for instance, is the biggest event that draws the tremendous attention of millions of sports lovers around the world. Therefore, TV networks could earn a huge profit from broadcasting ads in these events.

Although men have more strength potential for sports than women, it is necessary to air both sexes’ sports programs equally. First, physical strength could be built up through extensive pieces of training; consequently, female players could participate in as many sports as their counterparts. Then there would be numerous sports shows about women aired on TV. Furthermore, women also have to train hard and even suffer from injuries. It would be unfair for them when only male players’ contribution is well perceived through their TV shows.

In conclusion, the majority of programs about sports are performed by male players, the few remaining is for female players. Spending the same time for both gender’s programs should be encouraged.

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