I posted my essay three days ago, and now I have not received any comments. I don't know whether it is forgotten or everyone can't see it. Please check it. This is my essay's link:


Sorry if it bothers you. Have a good day.

Hi, Cheryl. I'm sorry your question hasn't received a reply. I know you're disappointed. The situation is that we're a small team of unpaid volunteers here, helping out in our spare time. Essay questions are time consuming to answer, we get a lot of them, and only two of our teachers (AlpheccaStars and teechr) normally work on them. Sadly, this often means that some questions go unanswered. We're hoping to recruit more teachers in order to be able to provide more help, but, as you might expect, it's not easy to find knowledgeable people who are willing to work for free.

I understood. This is really difficult for you all. Thank you