The Technology for Sustainability

in Building and Environmental Design.

Green building and Sustainable Design become the main issue in Design and Construction subject all over the world today. The use of renewable energy resource and environmental friendly water usage are some of the aspects for achieving the sustainable design.

As an architect, I realized that I have a big resposibility to support the global movement in reducing carbon emission. I also have a responsibility to design a better environmental friendly buildings, not only the low emission buildings but also a self power generated buildings. The buildings and facilities that providing their own energy resource, this could be a very ideal conditions since buildings and constructions are indicated as the major causes of global warming.

The sustainable building and environmental design actually can be achieved merely with conventional design solutions such as passive solar energy design and rain water harvesting, but we can have better result for environmental sustainability by using more advanced technology solutions. I believe that the use of natural energy resources, natural ventilation, water management solutions will become standard aspects in building and environmental design.

In designing building projects, each time I proposed a concept design I want to give the best solution not only for the aesthetic of the building but also for the environment. I like to create sustainable building design, green architecture and if it is possible the zero emission building with zero run off water usage.

I have proposed some technology for sustainability in my concept for building and environmental design. I usually proposed solar panels for electrical power generation, solar water heater for hot water needs, rain water harvesting, re-use of waste water in order to get zero run off water usage. I still need to know more knowledge about the technology for sustainability, in order to make my design concepts more feasible to be implemented in some various conditions.

Unfortunately, sometimes green building concepts only become a concept drawings without realization in the construction phase because of construction cost economical reasons. I am still looking for the more reliable yet economical technology for sustainable building. Actually by using passive solar building we can have thermal comfort inside the building. But, there are some more design consideration for various needs.

For example, in my country Indonesia we have 12 hours daylight time during the whole year, I believe the electrical power that can be generated from solar energy is more than enough to provide electrical needs of my country. This is not quite easy to do, since photovoltaic or solar cell is still an expensive alternative for the building owners in the construction initial cost. Most of building owners realized that the high initial cost in construction that using solar cells can be more economical in the long term building operational costs, but they do not want to take a financial risk.

This is a great challenge for me to propose the green building design concept with affordable cost for the building owner. I need to learn more and improve my knowledge about the technology for sustainability, various alternatives of technology for my design.

I must give more alternatives for the building owners in order to meet the requirements of green buildings and their financial strenght. Finally if this can be applied to more building projects all over my country, the result will be very great not only for my country, but also to the whole world.

Until now I just have started green building design only in architectural design competitions. I really hope someday not only in design competition, I can make green building designs, I will try to introduce the idea of green building designs to my clients. I also hope technology for sustainability will be more advanced and as the result lower cost of production, so the solar energy can be used publicly. The energy that already used by this planet for billions of years.

For the illustrations, I give two examples of my concept building designs using Solar Panel for electrical power generation and also water heater


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