This year, Miss Wenyuan lee gave herself a mirror wall as gift, a sincere gift after her own heart.

She left message on her Facebook. She metioned her parents have great impact on her. Her mom liked to look at the mirror of herself as she was the young lady. Her dad loves look himself at the mirror as well when he've become elder. At the same way,when her parents teached their kids lessons in fornt of a mirror. She loves mirror like her parents do.

"Music is the soul itself, morror is the vivid life itself. Indeed, a moving live can spining around with the melodic life tempo. Soul awareness need take care of itself every moment,always, "said her yoga coach.

She is very happy. WIsh everyone a Merry Christmas! May every inoncent heart deserve itself as the opportuniy of new born.

One of Miss Lee's friend, Teresa,gave a nice comment. " My professor gave me a mirror as a graduation present. She watned me remind virtuous and vicious of mine, compassion and understanding. After 15 years later, her mind as like a clear mirror wash away all her worries." Said Teresa.

She wishes Miss Lee the same for carrying and substain awareness.

It will be the worthy of remark as my new year revolution. So I wrote this story for wishing the best of myself. Hoping this coming new year for developing a better me.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!
This year, for Christmas, Miss Wen Yuan Lee gave herself a wall mirror as a gift, a gift that has special meaning for her.

She wrote about the mirror on her Facebook page. She mentioned that her parents had a great impact on her. And her mom owned a wall mirror that she liked to look at herself in when she was a young lady. Her dad also liked to look at himself in that mirror, even when he was elderly. Her parents would teach their kids things in front of that mirror. Her parents loved their wall mirror and she loves her new wall mirror the same way.

Her yoga instructor said this: "The tempo of life is its soul, and a mirror is life itself, in a way. When you look at yourself spinning around in a mirror, it is as though the mirror has captured life itself - and the tempo of life, in the movement it records.

Her new mirror has brought her a new kind of happiness, and she wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.

Teresa, one of Wen Yuan's friends, commented: "My professor gave me a mirror as a graduation present, to help me remain virtuous in body and mind, and to be compassionate and understanding. I've had the mirror for 15 years now. Looking in it has helped me wash away all my worries so that my mind is clear, like a mirror."

She wishes Wen Yuan the same experience with her new mirror.

In case you haven't guessed by now, I am Wen Yuan Lee. I wrote this story in hopes that the new year, with my new mirror, will be a good one.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!
This is really good one which inspires me a lot. I tried to write it and express it in English for my journey. I was stuck and couldn't be able to write it in a natural way. It's really cool that Wen Yuan made it up for me. Thank you so much ! I am so grateful for that. Emotion: big smile

Happy New Year!