email to Ada:

Subject: "Project name" - Nominated Subcontractor (NSC) Document

Dear Ada,

I am really sorry for not collecting the document until today.

Can we collect the NSC document tomorrow 18 December, 2020? Is the document ready at the reception?

email to Connie (Ada is on leave):

Dear Connie,

Can we collect the NSC document today 18 December, 2020? Is the document ready at the reception?

Please confirm the following address and phone number:

ABC company

1/F, No. 123 Street

Wanchai, Hong Kong

Contact Person: Ms Ada Chan

Telephone number: 1234 5678

email to Ada again (Connie is on leave too):

There is no one answer from your company. I will call you again next Tue for the NSC document collection

email to Ada (she finally reply to me):

OK, we will contact Connie by either Tue 22 December, 2020 or Wed 23 December, 2020 for collection.

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