Beginning tomorrow, I'll be driving around the City between 8:30 to 11:00 a.m to gather information on City commercial vacant properties and available lands. I should be back by 11, and if you need to speak to me, please call my cell phone at 342-907-2617. I'll try my best to finish this by September 1st, but I can't promise that this will be completely done. I'll also need to call them to get the price on those properties.
Nancy, who is the audience for this? Will you be out every morning between now and Sept. 1? Give me a little bit more of who is getting this and I can help you with it more effectively.

PS - X out your personal contact information when you post on the forums.
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Hi, thanks. Yes, I'll be out almost everyday between now and Sept. 1. This letter is to my director and co-workers. I wanted to let them know so that they know where I'm at.
Hi Nancy,

Thanks, that helped. They don't for example, need to know that last bit, about calling for the pricing. That doesn't affect their abilty to reach you.

Beginning July 19, I'll be out of the office every morning from about 8:30 to 11:00. I'll be all over the city, gathering information on vacant properties and available lands. If you need to speak to me before my expected return to the office at 11, please call my cell phone at xxx-xxx-xxxx. My goal is to have this project completed by September 1.

PS: so that they know where I'm at. This is the type of usage that the "Don't end a sentence with a preposition" rule applies to. ...so they know where I am or ...so they know where I'll be.

Hope they're paying your for your gas!
Thank you for your help Grammar Geek.
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