Hi, Teachers my apology from beginning for such a long post with 26 questions at one go but I need your help to resolve this.

There are 26 questions with 100 marks and after giving the test in computer my score was 90.

I am guessing the 1st one is not correct.But apart from that rest all 25 answers seems correct to me as per different response from different teachers from this forum or from internet. 

I am not sure that even if the 1st one is wrong, then also it will carry 10 marks to bring it down from 100 to 90. There must be another 1 or 2 answers which are not correct and I am not able to find it out. 

Please and please help me in finding those hidden ones.

I have BOLD my answers for each.
  1. 1. We need to take some lessons, because my boyfriend doesn't know how to ski and ____ I.
    (A) not either do
    (B) neither do
    (C) so do
    (D) either do  
  2. 2. Megan isn't going to travel to Europe by herself, ____ ? 
    (A) doesn't she 
    (B) will she 
    (C) won't she
    (D) is she
  3. 3.If the manager ____ time to meet with you today, he'll leave a message on your voicemail. 
    (A) has
    (B) will have 
    (C) have 
    (D) had
  4. 4.I’m sorry _____ you can't come to the wedding. We'll miss you.
    A: for
    B: about
    C: that
    D: which
  5. 5.The boss asked whether anyone wants to participate in the project, but few volunteered. 
    (A) whether 
    (B) wants 
    (C) to participate 
    (D) few 
  6. 6.I have already eaten when she arrived.
    (A) have
    (B) already
    (C) eaten
    (D) when
  7. 7.Joyce: Aren't you going to Shanghai for the conference? Ronnie: Yes. At this time tomorrow, I ____________across the Pacific Ocean!
    ( A ) would be flying
    (B) am flying
    (C) will be flying
    ( D ) would fly
  8. 8.A: Were you aware that Alice was terminated because of her previous employment?
B: Yes, I was very shocked by the news. _______ that kind of injustice.
(A) I feel a contrast to
(B) I am strongly agreeing with
(C) I am opposed to
(D) I can occasionally dispute in
  1. 9.We should have had the car to be repaired at the shop before 
    trying to sell it.
    (A) should have 
    (B) to be repaired
    (C) trying
    (D) to sell
  2. 10. When I was seeing him, I knew immediately that he 
    was the CEO.
    (A) When
    (B) was seeing
    (C) knew
    (D) was
  3. 11.The negative financial returns from last quarter ______ an impact on hiring policies in the coming months.
     (A)  makes
     (B)  are going to show
     (C)  is having
     (D)  are going to have
  4. 12.I'll be in late today. ______ before me, check my email and answer any pending issues.
     (A)  If you will arrive
     (B)  If you arrive
     (C)  If you've arrived
     (D)  When you arrive
  5. 13.My boss told me ___ the meeting.
 (A)  don’t forget
 (B)  not to forgot
 (C)  not forgetting
 (D)  didn’t forget
  1. 14.A: Can the formula presented in Diagram 6 be used to predict next quarter's earnings?
    B: Yes, but ___ must first be modified to reflect last year's actual revenue.
    (A) it
    (B) he
    (C) they
    (D) we
  2. 15.New safety requirements ___ by the government.
(A)   have created
(B)   will create
(C)   would create
(D)  were created
  1. 16.A: Did Erin register her real estate purchase?
    B: Sure, she just stopped by the county _____ office.
    (A) Registering
    (B) to register
    (C) Registrar's
    (D) Register
  2. 17.My supervisor advised me quit worrying, as
    the deadline had been pushed back.
    (A) advised
    (B) quit
    (C) as
    (D) had been
  3. 18.I really             look forward               for studying      Japanese        to prepare
    for my trip       to Tokyo.
    (A) look forward
    (B) for studying
    (C) to prepare
    (D) for my trip
  4. 19.______ arriving early at the airport, our boss still missed the flight for London.
    (A) Even
    (B) Despite
    (C) Because of
    (D) As a consequence of
  5. 20.The museum is very popular. It ______ by more than 10 million people since it opened.
    ( A ) was visited
(B) had been visited
(C) has visited
( D ) has been visited
  1. 21.As soon as they were turning in my direction, I realized 
    that there was no way to avoid meeting the new representatives. 
    (A) As soon as
    (B) were turning
    (C) that
    (D) meeting
  2. 22.I quit to smoke two years ago. I feel much better . 
    (A) quit
    (B) to smoke
    (C) years ago
    (D) much better
  3. 23.There are very few areas of the world ____ grow.
(A) where can apricots
(B) apricots can
(C) apricots that can
(D) where apricots can
  1. 24.He had already paid the bill before she ______ to the table.
    (A) has returned
    (B) had returned
    (C) was returning
    (D) returned
  2. 25.Don't worry. I ______ the work by the time you get back.
     (A)  will have finished
     (B)  have finished
     (C)  will be finished
     (D)  would have finished
  3. 26.A: When will we start legal action on this default?
    B: Filing a lawsuit _____.
    (A) will be my priority tomorrow morning
    (B) in the filing cabinet is my priority tomorrow morning.
    (C) and to begin prosecution are my priorities tomorrow morning
    (D) the legal action will start tomorrow morning. 
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Philip thanks so much for your help.
Agree with Philip 100%. Some of the questions were definitely written in such a way that raises doubts about the author's depth in the language. It's unfortunate that you have to work with such confusion.
Students: Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation?
Thanks Dim so much for your words. But this is how we have to deal with. Unfortunately we have to score 80% or more to be successful in the exam and few answers are really confusing. Emotion: sad
I believe you got the ski question wrong and I have issues with these two, because for # 17, the normal collocation is " I quit smoking two years ago....", or I stoppd smoking tqo years ago. "To smoke..." is wrong.
# 18, I don;t know what this one is asking. Other than that, you did quite well.
  • 17.My supervisor advised me quit worrying, as
    the deadline had been pushed back.
    (A) advised
    (B) quit
    (C) as
    (D) had been
  • 18.I really look forward for studying Japanese to prepare
    for my trip to Tokyo.
    (A) look forward
    (B) for studying
    (C) to prepare
    (D) for my trip
Hi Dim, thanks for your quick reply.

Yes you are correct. the 1st ski one is wrong. It should be "Neither Do I".

For #17 and #18, please pardon me as I failed to follow you for for these 2, that you mentioned above.

I have attached one snapshot from my above post which ask about "Find the Mistake in the Sentence".

Do you mean for # 5, 6 and 8, my responses are correct?

Please advise.

Thanks Again for your help.
Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.
Without sounding harsh, I can only say these are not good sentences and should not be used as a test!

Natural collocation:
Advised me not to worry...
Look forward to my trip / studying in Japan
I quit smoking ....
thanks Dim a lot.