Hi there

I am a Nepalese who is currently working and staying in Hong Kong. I used to be a student of sociology and Office Technology & Administration but now i am really interested in Dentistry and i would like to go to UK for the course. I have already enrolled with a college in London as a student of "Dental Nursing". The British consulate here wants me to write a letter explaining why am i changing my subject . I had written a sample letter but my friends say its very straight forward. I would sincerely be grateful if someone could help me compose an impressive letter.

My father and my brother are looking after all my financial needs while i will stay in the UK as a student and i also urgently want a sample of a sponsershhip letter. Please Help

Thank You
Dear Drshana,

Please post the letter you have already drafted.

Our learned friends will help you to improve its quality.

I do not think being 'straight forward' is out of fashion.

Thanks a lot Dileep

Here i am posting one of the sponsorship letters i had composed.

Hope to hear soon from you
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Thanks a lot Dileep

Here i am posting one of the sponsorship letters i had composed. And it is like the following

Address of the Sponsor

November _ _ , 2005

British Consulate – General

1 Supreme Court Road

Hong Kong

Dear Sir / Madam

I Thapa, Milan BNO Passport holder (no xxxx) am an elder brother of Darshana Thapa. I joined the Royal British Army in 2004 and working in the ABC unit

I would like to declare that I will be Darshana’s guardian and fully assist her financially and support her in her other needs while she stays in the UK for her studies.

Please call me at xxxx for further enquiries, please leave me a message if I am not available at the time of your call, I shall return your call as soon as possible.

Sincerely Yours


Hope to hear soon from you