My son attends an International school based in China. The school consists of mainly English/Australian teaching staff. The school is a member of Nord Anglia. My son's teacher, (year 3) continually makes errors in both spelling and punctuation. This has been of great concern for parents of the children in her class. Also the homework she produces is generally taken from the internet and has on many occassions contained mistakes. The photocopies we receive for homework are terrible! often unreadable.
We recently received spellings set by this teacher, for the children to learn and one of the words was spelt incorrectly and another had been duplicated! I'm concerned that she marks work incorrectly because a comma has not been used before the word 'and' (thought this was way out of date!) so what do you recommend?
Talk to the teacher, what are you waiting for? Tell her about your concerns and if your suspicious are confirmed after the talk, then let the coordination know about it.
Uhm..Could you possibly give examples of the teacher's work?I mean,you know there are plenty of spelling differences between North American English and British English like:
traveled - travelled
learned - learnt
honor - honour
check - cheque, ....

Also punctuation differs.E.g.
Dear Sir : Dear Sir,

Well I never understand why it is that important to pay attention to punctuation in grade 3!Most teachers are themselves unaware of spelling and punctuation stuff!))