I need to write a letter to family that is formal and professional looking. Legal looking maybe? They have volunteered me to pay a bill without my knowledge. I have to tell them I will not be paying this bill. What kind of letter would that be? Formal, business, or legal? Can you please tell me what to do. What layout do I use? What are the rules..ex: date two lines down on the left, address 7 lines down and so on. (I know this isn't right, just guessing)

Please please help me..I'm going crazy...he he

It seems odd to have to write a formal letter to your family.

Write what you think you must say and we will then be able to comment on it.

I wrote a quick letter. It does not need to be too formal. I just need to make them aware of my choice to refuse to pay, and have a record of it...just in case they persue legal action. I know theres loads of mistakes, but I hope you'll still help

please, any help you give will be appreciated


This letter concerns bills pertaining to funeral expenses which I received June 2007 and August 2007, and why I will not be paying said bills.

I was thoroughly excluded from participating in any part of my mother’s funeral arrangements. The meeting with the funeral home had been secretly planned in order to do just that.

Decisions were made regarding all aspects of the funeral from flowers, music, speakers, officiators, and meal venues. However hurtful it was not to be included in these decisions, the exclusion from carrying my mother was cruel. I carried Jonh, and started to carry Alex, but stepped aside to allow Tom to carry his brother. Being a pallbearer for my mother is an honor, and something I would have done willingly, and with great respect.

There was an agenda, one that did not include our mother’s wishes, which in turn devastated my daughter, and myself. My daughter feels guilty that she was not able to do what her grandmother told her and others she wanted. She had no control over the matter.

The Primary Estate Trustee, who had been made aware of our mothers wishes from our mother herself, yet chose to do nothing, and the three who were informed by at least three people who heard our mothers wishes from our mother herself, but were still willing to “fight her for it”, are the ones who should ashamed.

You chose to control, and manipulate every aspect of my mother last days and funeral. You excluded me from attending the meeting, yet eagerly included me to pay. I did not agree to pay, and will not.

My refusal to pay does not mean I love my parents any less. I am at peace with my decision.