please help me in this thing ..

i have a problem in listening which is in having an English sound file and i want to know what is included in a text file such as Microsoft Word format or another text format .. it may sound silly or strange order but it is very important thing for me ..

just want from who wants to help to tell me where can i find the website of this episode to take the text from it or to which company is it reserved , i am asking you to help me because i know you are able to do it easly , simply ,because you can distinguish the inclusion and it may tell something about the author or a website or you may have heard that before or something like that .

the file in the link below : (just wait for 30 seconds and begin downloadin)

hope you reply as fast as you can .. please make it soooooon !

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That link just goes to the hyperupload home page.
Nona The BritThat link just goes to the hyperupload home page.

dear, you will see in the middel right of the page a timer in red bold font, after the timer finishs the 30 seconds, it shows this thing, just click on it to start downloading

thanks for passing .

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Waiting for your help ...

Please do not be late .


that file (1.1.mp3) refers to an audio file from a book. It's:

Chapter 1, listening 1 - Family, from "Talk it over" by Johann Kozyrev - Houghton Mifflin Company, copyright 2002.

I didn't understand what you needed exactly, but I hope this information will be useful to you. Good luck Emotion: smile

Thank you Kooyeen for help me , actually i do not know how can I thank you but many thanks and many thanks too ..

in fact you reached me to the exact point and the right website i am looking forEmotion: smile

but i had some disappointments when i got there because it was not free for downloading Emotion: crying , so if there is some help in this problem will be appreciated so muchEmotion: smile ..

please need help for the second time , and please be patient with me because you know i am very boring and have lots of orders .

{][ THANK YOU SO MUCH KOOYEEN ][}Emotion: smile
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Waiting Emotion: thinking...........

it seems you are interested in audio files with their corresponding text, so you can read while listening. This is an intersting website:


There are so many links you'll never stop learning new things. Check out the "Selected listening materials", there's some cool stuff, like http://www.lingual.net / , or http://www.cdlponline.org / . There are many others, just check that esldesk.com out. There's everything, pronunciation, grammar, reading, vocabulary, etc.

I hope it helps. Emotion: smile
Thank you for helping websites , but actually i want the Talk it Over itself because i have an exam in it in few days , that is why i am trying to find it ..

so hope from anybody who has the textbook or can help me please do it ..

another thing that i do not have it in my country’s market and do not have a Visa Card to buy it from the Internet Emotion: crying In addition to i do not have long time to be reached to me Emotion: crying
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