i want to be informed about a subject that i can write an essay on, type is not important (classification,persuasion,cause and effect etc...) please do not avoid to send subtitles also ...Emotion: smile Thanks...
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Now, what do you know best, or what are you interested in?
To write a good essay, you need to have an opinion you can defend, plus adversary positions that can hold up, I mean an essay is like a math demonstration, you have the thesis, antithesis and conclusion, right?
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hmmm I thought that it might be about people but could not find much .. for example different characteristics..such as shy,outgoing,conservative,open-minded...etc. what I need is some certain characteristics of these kind of people....Then I thought that it might be about music..classical music for example in early renaissance,late renaissance,18th century...but as in previous one I could not find exact answers for my essay!
Now look, you've got to hand in your paper by Tuesday...
There's no more time for time for hmmm or etc!
You make up your mind about something, you write thesis, antithesis and conclusion, and if you've still got time, you post a few questions - if you're not too sure about something-.
Am I sounding too "mother of a 21 year old"? Anyway, that's my answer!
now I got the answer Emotion: rolleyes like a mum...like my mum..Emotion: smile that is a good idea I think I ought to begin from somewhere... thanks and I will come for advice if something goes wrong...take care:)
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You know, if you intend to get somewhere, you've got to begin somewhere.
Now, "son" start somewhere, and get back to us anytime will you?
I think doughter will probably be more suitable for me Emotion: whisper don't worry I will come anytime cause it is also important for me to speak with a foreigner...not to bore u next time I will search a topic that both of us can comment o it,is it possible? 8-I
Yes, of course, but the main thing is you speak about something you like and know something about.
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I thought that it might be about people but could not find much...Then I thought that it might be about music...

Why not combine both subjects, dejawu. You could look at music in terms of personality types:

1. Unstable extravert > romantic: Beethoven, Berlioz.
2. Stable extravert > realistic: Mozart, Haydn.
3. Unstable introvert > impressionistic: Debussy, Chopin.
4. Stable introvert > classicistic: Ravel, Stravinsky.

Overly simplistic, I expect (overly -istic too, for that matter); but that's no disadvantage in an essay with a tight deadline.

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