i want to be informed about a subject that i can write an essay on, type is not important (classification,persuasion,cause and effect etc...) please do not avoid to send subtitles also ...Emotion: smile Thanks...
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Hello, dejawu, welcome to the EF!
Maybe you could have a look at these sections : "Topic of the moment" "controversial subjects"? You might get some ideas...
thanks pieanne but can u tell me the exact page of the "Topic of the moment" "controversial subjects'! cause there are too many pages on the site so i need much time to analyse all of them and the deadline of my project is tuesday...Emotion: sad
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You go to the home page and scroll down.
First you'll see "controversial subjects" (there's some red in the title), and "topic of the moment" is a bit further down...
Good luck, and feel free to come back up here with any question!
thanks for your help pieanne... i am an english language and literature student in turkey and i think i will use this web site too much from now onEmotion: smile i had a look at your photos... i am eager to see snow here but it doesn't snow too much..Emotion: sad see u!
Don't worry, the snow has gone... We usually don't have that much here.
There will be new pics on my site shortly since we are celebrating my son's birthady (9) as I'm typing...
See you too!
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wow!!!!!! you have a son and he is 9 years old... tell my best wishes to yr son see u soon now i m going to prepare my project:(...
Yep, and a 21 year old daughter as well... but alas not in the same country.
Yes, tell me/us more about your project. Have you found anything interesting?
hi pieanne! unfortunatelly not yet Emotion: sad i haven't come up with a brillent idea...i have beeen searching for hours but i haven't found an interesting subject... i want it to be as good as possible cause it is a term paper...and as i said deadline is tuesday! what is more tomorrow i have an exam...Emotion: sad((((( 21 year-old doughter...i am also 21:)
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