which one is the corrrect sentence?
is it "i was born to live on the jetplane"?
is it "i was born to be living on the jetplane"?

please correct the grammar ..

Thank u
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Hi, Meta,

I take the first as being more natural.

Also, I'd use the indefinite article. While we say "I was born to live in the desert, or on the mountain," we would say, "I was born to live on a jet plane." I don't think "jetplane" is natural, but let me check.
Dear Avangi

First of all, thank you for the reply. What i meant with the statement was i wanted to tell people that i have been spending most of my life with travelling...because i had to or i want to. so which one is the most suit to that situation 
"i was born to live on a jet plane"? 
"I was born to be living on a jet plane"?

Thank u very much Emotion: smile

NB : yes, supposed to type with "a"
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According to Google, two words is favored by about 9 to 1.

Jet plane 1,770,000 hits
Jetplane 238,000 hits

I don't see the one-word version much in the US
Edit. Note. "I was born to be living on a jetplane" is not incorrect. If you like it, use it.

(Maybe not on a tattoo - too many words!)
Hi Meta,

Seems like you are working as an air hostess or pilot.
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Meta so which one is the most suited to that situation
I'm stumped. I like then both, equally.

You need more opinions.
I will use the correct one either i like it or not Emotion: stick out tongue so u think the 2nd one is the correct one for d situation?
and no, i wont use it as an tattoo..i dont have tatoos and dont intend to have one heheheh
anyway..thanks for the reply etc.. very useful..thanks Emotion: smile

Sincerely Yours,
Edit. I miscorrected your question.

Which is more suited to that situation?
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