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thier is your answer
been lookin a long time for this, muchas gracias!
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is not creed

its alice in chains with days of the new, before they split up to form tantric.
its not creed

its Alice In Chains with Days Of The New, before they split uo and formed Tantric

the name of the song is Down ( look it up under "down accoustic" Days of the new )

youll find it there.
its not creed

its alice in chains and days of the new before they split up to form Tantric

the song is down

look it up under

title: "down acoustic" Artist: Days Of The New.

youll find it there
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Anonymousanyone know the real name of this group???
Hello little boys

little toys

we're driving with race cars

and we're dancin for ya
google lyrics to the song "down" by alice in chains and creed - they're there, i found them - this song is awesome, right, one of my favoirtes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm sure you'll find it
im tired of every night being alone

im tired of all day calling your phone

and im tired you never pay attention to me

and im tired of all day loosin sleep

who sang this lyrics?
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I have the same trouble:( I love this song and if somebody knows who is a real artist, let me know, pleaseeeee!!!
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