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please help me find these lyrics she was ah slow burner
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the singer seems to be Ian Astbury, from The Cult", but i'm not sure
No - the band is named Picture This - they were based in Florida & influneced by AiC & Creed. I used to have like 6 songs from them...they were very good - any chance of emailing me the song @ Email Removed?
Ithink its UPO front mans Shawn albro's vocals....Listen to song UPO godless)...
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are you kidding me 5 yrs not one person knows for a fact who recorded this?
Picture This - Down
i agree
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It kind of sounds like Ronnie James Dio's voice, however I know this was not Sabbath... Could it be from his solo career? Let me know what you think...

PS: Still looking
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