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The song your looking for i think is called 'pieces' by sum 41. it is a Very good song and if you like it you have great sense in music lol

Hope I've helped

The album is called Chuck...great piece i must add. Its a lot more rugged, screams rock and roll, a big improvement from them prior albums.
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is it do you think your better off alone
Its by sum 41, and it's called "Better off on my own"
well thank's I've been stumped on this too

thanks again BB
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why does everyone keep on typing in the same thing and the song has never been called 'better off on my own'
it's Sum 41 - Pieces.
I know that song! It's totally awesome right?Emotion: stick out tongue
It's called
Pieces By Sum41Emotion: automobile
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I am interested in this song as well. Such as to who wrote this song and who is it that sings this song. Any info would help, thanks!
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