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its pieces by sum 41
It's Sum 41's song "Pieces"
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Hmm... once a song has been recognized and the thread has been replied to, doesnt it make sense to STOP POSTING THE NAME OF THE SONG?! With the exception of 1 or 2, the last page and a half of replies are EXACTLY THE SAME!!! ... please, read the other posts, before you yourself do so. Surely you're trying to help, but really you're not and are completely wasting your time.
thanx alot guys, i was looking for this song for along time but i was way off track.. i was looking for it under the name "Better off alone" by band "sum 45"!! bad memory i think ... thanx again
This is a really amazing song. It's called Pieces(Better Off On My Own)- Sum 41

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The song is: Pieces by Sum 41
pieces by sum 41?
Hit it right. Correct ! That's the song being asked. SUM 41: pieces. Nice song and good Voice, anyway
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Sum 41 - pieces

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