My topic: Maintaining public libraries is a waste of money since computer technology can replace their functions. Do you agree or disagree?

My essay:

There is an increasingly growing popular claim that maintaining public libraries is a waste of money since computer technology can replace their function has become an issue which arouses an enormous controversy over the years. Public libraries are less clear and subjected to individual’s opinions and attitudes. Based on my experiences and observations, I think, on the balance, reasons can be given to justify that people can use computer technology to avoid wasting money instead of using public libraries. However; the idea should be seen in light of this essay.

For staters, there is a certain plausible reason for supporting people can use the electronic library anytime and anywhere without having to go to the library. This could be examplified by they just need access to the internet and then you can read whatever book you need, you don't have to spend time going to the library to borrow books.

It is also important to realize that reducing the level of paper-cutting trees, publishing books and newspapers, contributing to protecting the environment and green lungs of the world. For example, they can imagine each year the number of trees being cut for paper and the amount of paper waste into the environment is increasing, it seriously affects the lives of people, animals and vegetation, causing climate change and some other environmental issues.

However, there is no denying that technology is growing, making the public library obsolete. They can synthesize all the books and newspapers in an electronic library and it helps us to search faster, access to newer technologies, to contribute to bringing modern technologies closer to people.

All in all, regardless of points to the contrary, it can be argued that people should use computer technology to replace public libraries to avoid waste time, money.

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