Security camera images taken Friday inside the parking garage where police believe Nichols carjacked a newspaper reporter's car showed a shirtless Nichols putting on a jacket apparently taken from the reporter as he went to a lower level and disappeared.

1) What is the meaning of “ carjack”? carjack= lift up?

Nichols was being retried on rape, false imprisonment and other charges after a first trial last week ended in a hung jury. The second trial began Monday.
2) What is the meaning of “ retired” here? Be retired =be taken back to imprisonment HERE?
3) what is “hung” in the phrase of “ a hung jury”?

Video footage showed Nichols being handcuffed and put into a dark-colored SUV by authorities.
4) Is SUV a mask made of cloth? Is SUV pronounced as Su:V?

That truck was found at the Bridgewater Apartments in Gwinnett County, site of Nichols' surrender. In addition, authorities recovered Wilhelm's badge and a gun thought to be his, and were checking its serial number, an ICE spokesman said.

5) What is full name of ICE ? I quoted above sentence from a piece of CNN news. So I think that ICE is related to U.S organization. [:^)]
Hi again, Flora!
1) carjack (cf highjack) means "take a car though intimidation or threat", with or without the original driver, I think; it's a bit like steal.

2) retried = tried again, go through another trial.
a hung jury, I think, is when the jurors can't reach an unanimous decision. So they have to start over again with a new jury.

4)a SUV is a Sport Utility Vehicle, 4x4 drive. I don't know how to pronounce it, I guess it's ess iou vee

5)there are many ICE's, I guess this may be the one you're looking for: Immigration and Customs Enforcement

That's all I can say about your questions, maybe someone else will have other insights!
You are always a BIG helper, Pianne. I understood them all now.
hmm, I was too careless for the word of RETRIED because I misread it as RETIRED and looked up my dictionary for it but didn't find the fit explanation. I should have learnt what the meaning of RETRIED is.
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If you google, there's an acronym dictionary, you know for things like SUV, ASAP, CIA and so on...
And thanks!
Thanks for your helpful advice. I will do so.Emotion: smile
- Carjack is not a car steal. It's a takeover with the car driver BEING at the wheel. Often the act is carried out with a weapon.

- Retried , not retired.

- An SUV, not a SUV. The term "sport utility vehicle" is such a catchy label, good for marketing but very confusing for non-native because it's totally hogwash.

Yes, it's pronounced ess ju vee.
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hbae787 , thanks. IC.