I have been given the opportunity to deliver the "welcome speech" at my class presentation. It will be attended by a chief guest, principal, parents and guests. I will have to give a speech on to address and welcome them. I will also have to thank and intoduce them for coming to our presentation and sparing time for us. I want to make use of good English and style so that my speech is effective and appreciated by all.

Please will anybody write such a speech for me? Please???? I shall be highly obliged if anyon of you takes time to do so. Please do help me, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Grammar Geek
My comments and questions are in brackets. I kept to your words as much as possible because it's supposed to be your speech. A speech is not made better by using fancy words. A speech is made better by having simplicity and sincerity. I know you are very sincere - you would do better to be a little more simple.

I'm not sure how to fix our opinion about convoluted facts which seem quite cogent - this just seems really out of place. I'm not sure what you mean. Are you having a debate? Are you presenting an analysis of something?

I think that those words are there because it is some kind of rhetoric performance that is about to happen - he is just introducing others who will perform their speeches or something. I think that part is very effective but cannot be just read. It has to be acted.