I have a short text, I need to fill the gaps but my english grammar sucks Emotion: sad I would be very grateful if someone try to help me!
The text:

If you’re having problems with a difficult boss, first of all you need to talk ..1.. him/ her. He/ She may not know you are having trouble. By putting ..2.. such a meeting while bottling ..3.. your feelings, you could be taken ..4.. an irrational person when you finally confront him/ her. No one, ..5.. of all management, wants to listen to hysterical complaints.

I think the first (1) is "to" but I'm not sure Emotion: smile

I appreciate any help! thank you very much!
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At least make an attempt to fill all the gaps - then we can help you. Otherwise we are doing it for you, and that is not going to help!
Sorry but the text is too complicated for me Emotion: sad

1 - to
2 - up
3 - down
4 - seriously
5 - know

What do you think? My solutions are good?
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what do you think, this is better ? :

1. to
2. on
3. up
4. for
5. most

Please specify which is incorrect.
1: to
2: on
3: all of

4: as
5: out
1: to
2: on
3: all of your
4: as
5: out
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Thanks! anyone agree with anonymous post ?
The anonymous post was me before I made account Emotion: smile So yes, I do agree because I am the one who posted that
Hmm...I speak with an english teacher and say: the 3 is "up" and the 4 is "for". I don't know how to decide Emotion: big smile



What is the truth ? Emotion: big smile
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