Do the rules apply properly in this haiku that I tried? I want to know if I have understood the syllables right.

I call out in pain
The dream is gone forever
Rest in peace again
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Yes this has the correct 5 -7 - 5 format.
Thanks Nona. How about this?

Rain is with me see
The drops are mine too today
Till clouds vanish soon
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Snow falls on my head
Without you I am not mine
My sunshine is dead

Would you say it is right?
Anita, your last poem is also 5 -7 -5 so it is a haiku.

Maj, I'm afraid yours is 5 - 6 - 5 so it is not a haiku. Without is two syllables, and the other words are single syllables. Were you trying to count 'I'm' as two syllables? It is only one as it is a contraction. You need to use 'I am' for two.
Thanks Nona. Do we need to have the first and the last sentence rhyming always?
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Is it true that japanese haiku and english haiku are different? Is it that the 17 syllables of japanese haiku are equivalent to 13 syllables in english haiku? If so how do we distribut the syllables in 3 lines?
There is no such thing as an English Haiku (as far as I am aware, it would be a pretty recent invention if so), it is a Japanese poetry form.

Of course, you can write one in English, just as you could write a Shakespearean sonnet in Japanese if you wanted, but the rules are the same.
Thank you I've changed it.
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