hi everybody, i need some help with this essay for my class, english is my second language, and this is the first time i take a class in english. please review my grammar and my spelling, thanks a lot!! I don't have a tittle for it yet, so i take suggestions! thanks again for your help guys.

I believe in multicultural lives. I believe you can be from one country, but being from two, three or more cultures at the same time. That’s what happened to me.

I’m an American girl and look like an American girl; but I don’t sound like one. I’m not one, or maybe I am, but not at all. I was born in this country and just lived here until I was a three-year old toddler, that’s when my culture started expanding.

We moved to South America, to small country called . It was time for me to learn Spanish so I could attend to the kindergarten. So this was the deal: mommy is the authentic Cajun girl, so she would only speak English, daddy is the Latin guy so he would speak to us only in Spanish. That was my parent’s strategy to make my sister and me have the advantage of being bilingual. Ok, good deal, we speak two languages; but what about our cultural lives?

It was time to start going to school, I remember my first day at school, and it was something completely different. Instead of playing “go fish” we had to play with a toy called perinola, instead of playing with Barbies we had to play with robe dolls. It was a whole new world to me: I started facing the Venezuelan culture.

My dad, he was raised in , but not as a Venezuelan. My grandparents immigrate from Portugal right after World War II; they’ve lived in for more than 50 years, and they’re still absolutely Portuguese. That’s how European people are, very strict with their culture, they don’t allow intromissions into what they believe in; once they’re built that’s the way they’ll be until the end of their days.

I would go to school and have my Venezuelan life. Then I come back from school at 12:30 and spend the whole day with my mommy in the American way; I had to switch from Spanish and robe dolls to English and Barbies. It would be 5:30pm and it was time to make the second switch of the day, daddy was here, it was time to change to Spanish, finish quickly all my homework, take a bath and look nice. For dinner it wouldn’t be fried chicken it would be fried platains, no chocolate chip cookies for dessert, it was time for molasses cookies. It was time to be a European girl.

It didn’t stop there, my dad’s family doesn’t speak Spanish at all, they do a mix of Spanish and Portuguese, something that in is called “portunish”, it’s not Spanish but it’s not Portuguese, somewhere in between. After living with my grandparents since I was eight years old, I caught even more the Portuguese lifestyle. A very straight one, where girls only play with dolls and are not allowed to get close to a ball, where I would eat fish instead of chicken, and forget about rice or potatoes, they only do sweet potatoes, yucca and a lot of vegetables that I never got to like.

I was eight years old and I already had a big mix of culture going on in my life, it was like having three different lives at the same time, I would be called by the same name, but I would have to act and be different on each of them. I grew up with it, feeling like I didn’t belong to any culture; it was and still is confusing. While living in , I wouldn’t feel Venezuelan. Now I live in , and I don’t feel like one of you. Even worse, I don’t feel like a European girl either. I have a little bit of everything and everywhere, I can speak three different languages and cook three different traditional menus.

I used to feel like I was from everywhere, that I belong a little bit to every culture that I have, but the truth is I do not belong to any of them. I do not have a defined culture; I am not from a specific culture.

I just belong to my own mixture of cultures.
nobody? no suggestions.. please i need some
You need to work on your tense inconsistency and your punctuation.
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i hate to say this but its a little boring i mean i know i cant write or anything but i have this new english teacher who is really good.... she taught us to use attention getters try to make the reader want to read the whole thing.... keep them on there toes. my teacher is very strick, im actucally writing an essay right now. we have to explain a time in which we have learned an important lesson. we cant have what to her are called blah verbs, which means all verbs must be action verbs. no am, is, are, was, were, has, have, had, be, being, or been. it really does help but takes time.....