Topic: Consumers are faced with increasing numbers of advertisements from competing companies. To what extent do you think are consumers influenced by advertisements? What measures can be taken to protect them?


Nowadays, consumers are exposed to increasing types of advertisements by numerous corporations. There will undoubtedly be negative impacts on consumers and some solutions should be put forward to mitigate these bad effects.

There are some good reasons to believe that the more advertisements are introduced, the less positive influences are exerted to spenders. In terms of misled information, some companies make full advantage of conspicuous words to direct their target consumers into a belief that is untrue, compared with its genuine fact. Lots of sausage businesses, for example, advertise that their products are 95% made from fresh fishes although their vast majority ingredients practically come from industrial chemicals. If the viewers and audiences fail to carefully consider this information, they may choose the below-expected products. Further problem is that advertisements cause more distraction. Some TVCs interfere people while watching the news, a ton of out of house boards in the streets deter drivers from driving, leading unpleasant experience, especially causing accidents.

There are some resolutions should be come up with to reduce these problems mentioned above. Firstly, the government and local authorities may impose a strict regulation banning some unhealthy advertisements from launching, The companies will therefore make their ads apparent to avoid being punished by the laws. Secondly, rewarding some ads of high quality and expressing CSR in order to encourage businesses to produce fewer but better advertisements. Although Coca Cola, for example, spend billion money annually for their marketing campaigns which inspires the youth generation to live with their passion, as opposed to calling for sale - an common characters annoy people in some certain ads.

By way of conclusion, while people experienced myriads of advertisements, they may harm people. Societies should take steps to minimize their drawbacks.

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