I read this quote in a book and I really want to understand its meaning: "Most virtue is a demand for greater seduction" - Natalie Barney. Thanks for your help.
ptrenglishMost virtue is a demand for greater seduction
Without more context, I can only guess.

I'm thinking of the expression, "You're just asking for it."

And then there's the devil trying to tempt Christ.

I think "a demand" here equals "an invitation."

If you are clearly a virtuous person, you present a greater challenge to the seducer.

The seducer must ramp up his seduction in order to break your virtue.

In the eyes of the seducer, greater virtue calls for greater seduction.

Make any sense? Emotion: thinking
Your explaination makes great sense Emotion: big smile

Thank you very very much.
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This statement that most virtue is a demand for greater seduction, is really a view that in humans, the virtue is not only learned, but it is forced. That people telling you to be nice are really wishing you were better at being naughty.