Hi my EF friends,

This time I got completely stuck...Emotion: crying..Situation: Guy was supposed to meet his girlfriend in the park. He was waiting there for two hours and she didn't show up. He was really upstet because of this. He started to hate her. He has written into his blog about it. Next day he met her in school and tried to understand, why she didn't arrive:

So this is the new you, huh?

You've hit an all-time low, Kelly. (????)

Yeah? I know what you think about me. I read your stupid blog.

Please what did that guy tell her????

Many thanks in advance

with regards

An "all-time low" is as low as you've ever gotten.

If you are depressed, you can hit an all-time low and never have been more depressed than you are at that moment.

However, it can also refer to behavior. If you do something and someone says "that's low" it means it was a sneaky, mean, underhanded thing to do. So if you've hit an all-time low in that sense, your behavior has never been worse.

An all-time low could refer to morale, behavior, a stock-price, the worst insult ever.. it just means "as bad as it's ever been, to date."
Many thanks GG for clear and very nice explanation!

.....your behavior has never been worse....

Yes, this seems to be my context.

thanks again