Hi guys,

can you please help me with the phrase "put on a little Luther"? Context: A prisoner in jail is preparing himself to be transported into another jail. Then some black police guy came into his cell and brought him new clothes. He ordered him: "Change your clothes, strip, c'mon." But that prisoner is joking: Can we at least maybe dim the lights? I don't know, put on a little Luther? But that black police guy said angrily.."We're running late."..{end of scene}

Guys, please what does it mean "put on a little Luther"? This time I checked the official subtitles and the word Luther is there stated with the capital "L", so it is probably the name of someone. But there was no guy with the name Luther, I'm sure of it...So it's probably an allusion to Martin Luther King (very famous black baptist minister). But I don't understand it. Is that prisoner saying...: "I don't know, put on a little Soul music?" Actually, this is the only thing which came into my mind when I heard this. But I've never come across to the phrase before, that's why I'm asking.
In fact, I found some other examples:

a) Someone is probably giving an advice, howto relax..Emotion: smile
Light those candles, put on a little Luther,sip a bit of wine and just relax after a long busy week.

b) This is from myspace.com.From the phorum about dating.

You are off tha hook! You don't know nothin about tha basement parties for real or morris day.
Now if I was trying to seduce dudes on myspace I woulda put on a little luther (big lufa not lil lufa)
LOL and a little prince or maybe teddy p. So don't get me started!

Please guys, what's the right meaning of this phrase? In what situations you are using it?

Many thanks in advance for help.

Best Regards
Perhaps the allusion is to music by this popular black artist.


I believe he's saying to put on some "seduction" music. That if he's asking him to strip, it's like they're on a date...
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Perfect, thank you guys for help! [Y]
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