Is this a british accent (the male speaker)? Here are some things I was unable to understand. Thanks for helping.


At 00:09-00:10 here at St. Willfrid's __1 word___ academy _1 word___

At 00:14 accessibility _few words____ smartphones

I think that I hear there "trough"? I couldn't understand the rest of the words there

At 0:58 __1 words__ are a low ability literacy group

I think se says "they" but I'm not sure

At 1:48 they're putting headsets on ________ they're talking

I'm not sure if he says "they're talking?" and then repeats it? Or maybe there is a missing word? I think I hear "or..."…

At 2:25 it really does __1 word___ of them provide

At 2:44 a little bit ___few words______ mean
Too fast...

At 3:03 we _1 word____ want to put our own content

He said "don't"? a bit unclear here

At 3:25 to see in _____groups

He says "all years"? I looked at the subs, but I'm not familir with this term
and therefore I'm not sure what I heard there😊

anonymousIs this a british accent (the male speaker)?


At 00:09-00:10: here at St. Wilfrid's Academy in Blackburn

At 00:14: the accessibility of it through smartphones

At 0:58: they're a low-ability literacy group

At 1:48: they're putting the headsets on, they're taking them off, they're talking to each other

At 2:25: it really does sort of, um, provide

At 2:44: a little bit of autonomy in what they do

At 3:03: being able to put our own content on there

At 3:25: to see in all-year groups

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Thanks a lot, the accent made it very hard for me to understand by hearing


Thanks a lot, the accent made it very hard for me to understand by hearing

He has a northern England accent (not tremendously strong), quite possibly a Lancashire accent given that he is in Blackburn, though I think I am getting worse at distinguishing accents as I get older! On top of the accent that may be unfamiliar to you, his diction, while you couldn't say it was bad, is not the very best, in my opinion.