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could you please help with the following situation, because I can't move it..Emotion: sad.Context: Arrested former member of the motorcycle club is describing how he ended up in jail.

Some tweaker (slang for the person using meth) I kept in my storage shed till he gave up his stash(????). You know, I, I pass out. I forgot about him a couple of days, he winds up dead. Heatstroke.The bastards (members of that MC) sold me out when the feds started sniffing around,protect their precious drug trade.

thanks guys in advance for your help.

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A stash is a supply of something valuable held in a secret secure place. Stash can be a noun or verb. The squirrels stash a pile of nuts in the fall for the wintertime.
It also refers to hidden drugs (slang)
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Hi Alphecca,

thx for the answer. Please what is your impression? What was that arrested guy doing with that tweaker in that storage shed? I don't have other context, my impression is that he wanted to get the drugs from him. That tweaker had them probably hidden somewhere. That's why he locked him in that storage in order to get them from him. Could this be the interpretation of that sentence?

thanks in advance.
My impression is that the guy locked the tweaker up in his shed, with the intention of letting him go after the tweaker squealed (slang to give the information that is wanted) The arrested guy is obviously a user. He wanted to get hold of the tweaker's stash (hidden stockpile) of drugs. Unfortunately, he was doing drugs at the time, passed out for a few days, and his prisoner died in the shed.
Thanks Alphecca, that is my guess too!

Best Regards
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