The line chart compares the monthly fruit product's weight and fertilizer used (in tonnes) in 2013, and the bar chart illustrates how many millimeters of rainfall was each month in the same year.
Overall, the more millimeters of rainfall was. the more fertilizer was used, the less fruit's weight was.
The amount of fruit manufactured was around 2.1 tonnes in January. This figure rose steadily and peaked at approximately 4.2 in September before falling rapidly until December. In contrast, how much fertilizer was used fluctuated under one ton. Between the early of May and July, farmers used no fertilizer.
The volume of rainfall was slightly relevant to the amount of fertilizer used. February was the month with the highest amount of rain, at 16 millimeters. The amount of rain then reduced considerably to 4 mm at July and rose during the later months in 2013.

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