Could you please, help me? I have some questions about the following:

1) What is the correct form :

Ex.: The e-mail is: [email protected] = The e-mail is IBM at (or the commercial at) period com period br (My question here is how to read it, for example, if I'm on the phone)

2) What is the company's name or what is the company name?

3) Which would be the subject/matter or What would be the subject/matter ? (and why?)

4) When companies that owned to the government become private, the name given to this process is: Privatization?

5) And how to say in English "Desestatização" : It is "desestatization"? (I looked for it in lots of dictionaries, and even in some free translators , but all was in vain...)

I would be so grateful if you could answer these doubts today because I need the answers for an exercise.

Have a nice day ! Thanks in advance,

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1) The e-mail is IBM at dot com dot B R (Although I've never seen one that has a dot before the first word after the @.)

The e-mail address is moderator at this site dot com

2) Either one.

3) Either one - are you choosing from several options? Which. If you are asking from the start, What. Probably, you should use "what."

4) Exactly

5) Sorry, I don't speak the language of "desestatizacao" so I can't help you on that one.
this is Portuguese:

Federal Privatization Council (Conselho Federal de Desestatização)
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Hello, Grammar Geek!

Thank you so much for your prompt help!

Have a nice day,

Hello, Mr. Hancu!

Thank you so much for your prompt help. It really helped me a lot!

Have a nice day,

the 2nd one:
2) What is the company's name or what is the company name?
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Like I said, either one. I know that this particular question has since been posted on another thread. If you still have questions about it, that's now probably a better place to ask.


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