Please correct my following essay:

The Earth is being harmed by human activity. 

Earth is our big home, not only for the humans but to all living things that reproduce their kinds and peacefully coexist for thousands years. How we can live without it?
Man trying to make his life more comfortable by discovering new things with more damage to the earth.
For last hundred years, our planet’s condition is really miserable, global warming, polluted air and water, cutted forests, strong storms and dryness leads to big problem in the world food for both the humans and animals with addition to strong and strange incidents maybe our planet will testified in the nearest future.

The resources on the earth including minerals, fuels and water are very desirable for the modern industry; so many animals and plants live have been occupied by those factories.
More buildings are constructed instead of forests.
Greenhouse effect is another serious problem. There are not enough plants to absorb the gas of carbon dioxide which produced progressively because of increasing the usage of fuels by human activity. The result is increasing the wether tempriture which it melt the icebergs in the north polar and south polar and that cause sea level becomes higher than before.

The news and reports from around the world have been rung the tocsin. Many institutes and research centers produced a lot scientific TV-program and intermedia to show the dangers occupied our planet, and that is very good project to explain what is not known for many people in the world to push them press on their government towards reducing the flue gas emission or to find some analysis for this problem.

In conclusion, humankind has been selfish and greedy in it’s using of the nature. Although the environment problem sounds louder and louder all time ,there is a very little response does not do enough while many countries trying to be richer and more powerful without any pay attention to the mourner of our earth.
in the forth line starting with man trying to make his life...

there should be like this..

Man is trying to make his life
in addition to strong and strange incidents. Maybe our planet...

but I have never heard the phrase with addition to .......

I first saw it here.
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