Hi! I decide to rewrite the post because, unfortunately, "Ahelaumakani" hasn't replied up till now and I need a help about the following, please:

"Thanks a lot for helping me, Ahelaumakani! But I still have some questions, please:

1) If I had this situation: “We should fly in an hour, or we won’t arrive for the meeting on time”

And if I replaced the underlined part by “had better”, wouldn't the ‘result’ be fine?

- “We’d better fly in an hour, or we won’ t be able to arrive for the meeting on time”.
2) Wouldn’t my answers be correct if I consider an exercise like this one?

e.g.: This table is too old. (you/buy a new one)

– Hadn’t you better buy a new one?

1- The trousers are loose. (he/tight it)

Hadn’t he better tighten it (or them?) on?

2- The bus is full. (we/get an empty one)

Hadn’t we better get an empty one?

3- Mrs.Parker is trying to make a cake in vain. (she/look at the recipe) – Hadn’t she better look at the recipe?

4- You don’t know how to drive. (you/enroll at a drive school)

– Hadn’t you better enroll at a driver’s school?

5- His statement is false. (he/tell the truth)

Hadn’t he better tell the truth?

6- They’ve just had a terrible quarrel. (they/make it up)

Hadn’t they better make it up?

7- We had an attempted robbery. (we/call the police)

Hadn’t we better call the police?

8- I have difficulty learning this by heart. (I/practice more) –

- Hadn’t I better practice more? ".

Many thanks!
Re : Fly
your suggestion is ok. Also ok would be "we should fly within the hour, ........"

Re: Table.
"Hadn't you better buy a new one" is a bit strong.
"Maybe you should buy a new one" is a better softer approach.

Re Trousers,
similar to "table" one. ie "maybe he should tighten them"

Re Bus.
"maybe we should wait for the next one"
"let's wait for the next one"
If you say "hadn't we better get an empty one" raises the question, where do you get an empty one from? Wouldn't you just wait for one that has some room left on it?

I will pass on the rest, they are all much the same, and I don't know if I am on the right track for what you want.

Note also, contractions such as we'd, hadn't, etc where you combine words with an apostophe, are written as such to represent how it is spoken. If you are writing a serious piece of work, you should write it out in full. eg we had, had not, etc.
Hi, Jeannie 1

Thanks for answering me. Well, what I know about had better is that it is used to give suggestions and advices/recommendations (specially in situations of emergency,necessity). So, I don't understand why can't say for example:

"They've just had a terrible quarrel" (answer using had better): "Hadn't they better make it up?"

(or) for example We have just been robbed - "Hadn't you better call the police"

(or) The table is old. = hadn't you betterrektrousers are loose. - Hadn't you better buy a new one?

Please, help me. I'm very confused now!