In many countries today, people in cities either live alone or in small family units, rather than in large family groups. Is this a positive or negative trend?

It has become more popular in recent years that metropolis people tend to leave their extended family to live by themselves or in smaller family sizes. Although there are clear disadvantages of this trend, I strongly believe the benefits are more significant to consider.
On the one hand, there are obviously some negative effects if people choose to separate themselves from their parents. Firstly, living separately would put a huge financial burden on the young generation because they have to bear all living costs without financial support from their parents. This is even a struggle for those who have unstable income or have small children with plenty of utility costs. Another difficulty that should be considered is that the elders may not be treated with enough physical and mental care if they live alone. When the young generation lives far away, there would be more difficulties in terms of distance and time not allowing them to visit their parents frequently, leaving their parents in loneliness and sadness.
However, I believe living in small family units is an inevitable trend of modern city life. To explain, this could help boost independence and responsibility among young adults. When young adults move out, they would have to learn how to deal with daily expenses within their budget, how to take care of themselves and other people, how to resolve problems by themselves, which grants them an earlier majority. Furthermore, family separation could help reduce domestic conflicts that cause when too many family members not having the same perspectives in different aspects of life live under the same roof. This even helps build sympathy and mutual understanding when they undergo each other’s difficulties of life.
In conclusion, although family separation may cause challenging living conditions for each family member, I would strongly support the idea of moving out as a way of enhancing the independence and family relationships.

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