Hi there. Is this colloquial? And is it OK to use both 'OK' and 'fine' in the last dialogue line?

Man: "You need some help?"

Woman: "No, I'm OK." (Clearly she's not)


Woman: "Are you here to offer your help again now?"

Man: "No, you're OK, so you don't need it, right? But if you're fine, then why have you been throwing up all over the floor?"


The given dialogue is okay. Here's an alternate one:

Man: "Are you okay?"

Woman: "I'm fine."


Woman: "I told you I don't need any help."

Man: "You said you're okay, so I'm not going to offer to help again. But I'm concerned because you've been throwing up on the floor."

The original text is sarcastic humour, the alternate text seems unkind.