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I am totally saddended by your decision that I am still required to transfer to a new post next month, which I trust is totally unfamiliar to me and the workloads should be far higher than my current one.

Indeed, the above-mentioned ruthless decision do recall my painful memory that I was urgently and abnormally deployed to a post without my prior knowledge and discussion by your predecessor five years ago even though I understood he clearly recognized the history of my mentall problems and lung cancer for my mother.

Nevertheless, I was compelled to accept the arrangement and tried my best to manage the post, however the challenge was far beyond my expectations and capabilities to handle and I was unluckily diagnosed with lung cancer just one year after taking up the post. Learning from this horrible lesson, I genuinely cannot afford to endure a historic recurrence.

I really wish you will thoroughly reconsider my stiuation on compassionate grounds and make a situable arrangement for the best interests of my health conditions and departmental management. Thank you.


Do you really think this appeal has any chance of success? Can you get a letter from your doctor to put more pressure on your manager/HR?

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Teechr, the chance of successful appeal may be 50/50 and I am now finding another doctor for supporting documents. Thank you for your advice.

I am totally saddended truly dismayed by your decision that I am still required to transfer to a new post next month, which I trust is will be totally unfamiliar to me and where the workload should will likely be far higher much more onerous than in my current role. one.


I don't think the rest of the text is relevant, so let's wait to see what your new doctor has to say, and perhaps we can incorporate some of that in your appeal to make it more convincing.