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There are two differing views of the meaning of the words below that are in bold letters. One view is, God has given some people differing ministries so that they might be apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors or teachers. The other view ...
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As for your question about parsing the bold part of your question, I see it as Subject [He], Verb [gave], and four-part direct object [some, ...
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EvetsEgapThe question is, are there four gifts...
Four or four? Hmmm. Are you sure that's what you are asking?
Besides, I don't see any mention of gifts in the text. gave some to be has nothing to do with gifts. It is simply an idiom which means caused some to become without saying how they ...
 I changed "gifts" to "minisrties", so my question would be more accurate. I also see where I did ask are there four or four and changed it. Thanks for your input. So are ther four or five? Emotion: smile
EvetsEgapSo are ther four or five? Emotion: smile
Four. If it were five, the last two would have been separated out grammatically the same way as all the others.
Compare these four:
The shirts were lying on the table: a blue one, a red one, a purple one, and a green and brown one. (Four shirts.)
Or:  ...
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