The maps illustrate the alterations that occurred in a town after the establishment of a hydroelectric power dam as of 1990 and 2010.

Overall, the town has undergone some significant transformation, which includes the presence of the lake, the disappearance of an ancient structure, rare flora and fauna, mountains, and the establishment of new facilities.

Before the changes, on the left-hand side of the river, there was the forest in the northwest, along with mountains behind it. There was an ancient building that was south of the forest. Located in the west of the map was the habitat of rare plants and animals, which was on the front of the mountains situated in the southwest. On the right-hand side of the river, there were mountains distributed in the southeast and northeast. There were irrigated farmlands in the middle, which was west of the villages.

After the developments, there are some elements that are still unchanged such as the mountains located in the northeast and northwest corners. The habitat of rare plants and animals and the mountains in the southwest was reclassified, making space for transmission powers. Similarly, on the right-hand side, the farmlands were used to build electrical towers. The villages were relocated to the south of the towers. Hydroelectric dams were erected, crossing the river. Finally, There was a lake located on the north, and a hotel was constructed near it, in the northeast.

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