Some say that sports play an important role in society. Others, however, think that it is nothing more than a leisure activity. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

While some feel that sports are a crucial part in society, others do not take it seriously and think that they are just for enjoyment. From my perspective, I believe sports should be taken as something of great importance, especially in this modern life.

First of all, those who believe that sports are nothing more than just a game for entertainment tend to prioritize their career advancement or study over their own health. And time for them is extremely valuable. Thus, instead of taking up any sports, most of the time, they would rather surfing Facebook or playing their favorite games, which, they think, are more time-saving than playing sports. Also, sports can be really intense; after a game, people usually feel exhausted and they are not in the right condition to study or work.

Others, however, have a different opinion. They think that sports are of vital importance these days. This might be because, in the age of technological advancement, many people live a quite lethargic lifestyle; they glue their eyes on their phones or computers for hours on end, and they barely go out or socialize with others. This detrimentally wreaks havoc on those people’s physical as well as mental health. Sports therefore can be an excellent therapy for this problem as it can help them to take a break from screens and improve their health.

I personally think that sports, when considering in this modern age, is more important than ever. Since people seem to be preoccupied or overwhelmed with work or study, nowadays, many even find it impossible to have time for each other, thus, making them isolated and socially backward. Sports, I believe, is a fantastic way to connect people. Through playing them, people can not only get to vent their frustration but also build relationships with others.

In conclusion, I believe both arguments have their merits. On balance, however, I feel that sports are something people should take seriously.

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