The diagram shows one way of manufacturing ceramic pots.

The process illustrates one way to produce ceramic pots.

Overall, there are eleven steps involved in making ceramic pots, beginning with raw materials, and ending with finished products.

At the first stage of the process, raw materials are dug out of the ground by an excavator, and then they are transported by a truck to the factory. In the factory, the materials are pressed into powder by a crushing machine. Subsequently, water is mixed with the crushed materials, forming a moistened mixture. After that, the mixture is poured into molds and left for four and six hours until stiff and dry, forming assembled pots.

At stage eight, the pots are then put into an oven and heated at the temperature of 1000 degrees Celcius. Afterward, each pot is soaked in a bucket full of watercolor. The colored pots are then put into the oven and heated up, and, finally, after they dry, the pots then are taken out, ready for sale.

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