In many schools and universities, girls tend to choose arts subjects (eg. languages) and boys choose science subjects (eg. Physics). What do you think are the reasons? Do you think that this tendency should be changed?

In many schools and universities, girls tend to enrol on art disciplines such as language, whereas boys often show an inclination to study science such as physics. From my perspective, gender-specific abilities and personalities are instrumental in this, and this tendency is unnecessary to be changed.

To start with, It is true that male and female are different in terms of intellectual abilities and this plays a key role in determining the subjects they choose to study. Recent research concluded that girls often show an aptitude for verbal and manual skills and they tend to be more patient, while boys often gravitate towards subjects required logical and lateral thinking skills such as math or physics. Therefore, when choosing their major, girls tend to study arts as they suit their innate abilities and personalities which is the same reason why boys choose to study science.

I think this tendency is unnecessary to be changed for two reasons. First, women are often considered to be homemakers of the family. Hence, working in the art industry might be less stressful than that in the science field, allowing women to have more time for household needs. For example, Vietnamese female scientists are usually under considerable pressure. Indeed, they have an extremely limited time for family and this results in broken families. In contrast, as men are stereotyped as a breadwinner in the family, so they should be encouraged to study science as this is a lucrative industry which can help them support their families.

In conclusion, I believe that gender differences in intellectual abilities lead to this tendency, and this trend is unnecessary to be changed as it helps men and women to keep their special roles in the family.

As a woman who majored in Physics, graduated with honors and had a very successful career in science, I respectfully decline to comment on this essay.