The line graph depicts the variation in the consumption of 3 spreads between 1981 and 2007 with weight measurement is the gram.

Overall, both the consumption of margarine and butter decreased significantly over the period, while this figure for low-fat & reduced spreads increased precipitously.

Starting at around 142 grams in 1981, the consumption of butter grew to 159 grams in 1986, which was its highest point over the period. Subsequently, this figure continued to decline stably and finally reached its bottom in 2007, at approximately 50 grams.

With regard to the consumption of margarine, this figure stood at around 90 grams in the beginning (in 1981). Over the next 5 years, there was a slight decrease in this figure. Subsequently, from 1986 to 1991 this figure continued to increase and reached a plateau at 100 grams before falling substantially to 40 grams in 2017.

There was a significant increase in the consumption of low fat & reduced spreads between 1996 and 2001, rising from nearly 10 grams to around 85 grams. This figure then declined slightly to 70 grams in 2007.

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