After reading many letter and advices in this forum I came up with my own letter for uni application.
I am now at the point where I need some input from outside, I am stucked.

Can you please read through it and let me know what you think?

- is it to short?
- does it sound like I am motivated for the course?
- is my english ok?

Thanks for your help


Letter of Motivation

With this letter I would like to express my motivation for studying in the Msc. in International Economics at your University.

I graduated in July 2003 for the University of Mars, where I was studying Financial Services. Immediately after graduating with a Bachelor of Business administration degree, I went to London to get work experience and to live in a multicultural environment. During the last years in London I could gain a lot, personality wise as well as in terms ob business knowledge.

Studying in Marstown was a perfect choice for me because I could focus on two of my main interests. I majored in financial services because I was always interested in Financial Markets and especially private banking, a major economic factor in this area. Besides that, the structure of the school allowed me to get an excellent background in the field of IT which I think is getting more and more important in business life.

After my graduation I was given the opportunity to come to London and work for the Plusto Associaton where I was working with a variety of financial issues, most of international relevance. I was involved in publishing a interest rate, was responsible of publishing an option volatility index and could get some experience in reviewing regulations for Basel II. Through working in this job I became more aware of how important international relations are. My current job at Bank of Pluto, an international Investment Bank with branches all over the world, made me even more aware of how close different economies are connected with each other and in what dimension capital, labour or other economic factors can be transferred from one to another in a very short time. Working in such an environment can be very challenging and being informed and reacting to events from all over the world as well as dealing with people from many different countries has become part of my daily work.

This is why I would like to widen my background in international economics, for a better understanding of how economies are working together, how the influence each other and most importantly what influence this development could have for me or my future company. After graduation from your university I can see myself working for a bank or a consultancy company. Whatever direction I will choose, I will be confronted with problems that will exceed the national barriers either by making investment decision, performing research or foreign companies or markets or by consulting a company which is competing against rivals all over the world.

Talking to former students at your university and knowing about the excellent reputations your institution is enjoying, I am convinced that I can find many answers to my questions in this program. Furthermore I believe that I can make a great contribution to the program by bringing in the experiences I have already been able to make.

Thank you very much for considering my application, I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours Faithfully
Hello Anonymous

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