Letter of motivation

Dear Sir or Madam,

Working and living for one month in Bolivia has stirred my passion for other countries and cultures. I have ever since pursued a career that involves this passion and combines it with my strengths, interests and personality.

I would describe myself as a logical and analytical thinking person who enjoys taking on challenges and solving difficult situations. Using my own initiative and hard work to successfully complete various projects and get improvements done has always given me great pleasure. I always look forward to learn and I am especially interested in gaining more knowledge about business processes from the outset, particularly in the international field. What fascinates and interests me most are the political and cultural aspects that influence the international market.

The programme Export-Oriented Management combines my interests and passion. It would give me the possibility to gain the relevant knowledge to pursue a career in the industry where I see myself working in the future. The thought of being given the chance to learn another two languages in combination with receiving the know-how of international management, marketing or global political studies and much more, excites me enormously.

I have prepared myself for this course and my future career by achieving excellent written and verbal communication skills in English. I have gained international work experience and learned the importance of understanding other cultures, how to function well under pressure and the values of teamwork. Experience in financial management and my recent promotion to office manager have given me the opportunity to improve my general understanding of a business and management practices.

Generally, I would like to underline that by accepting me for a placement at your university, you would receive a highly ambitious, very hard working and mature student for whom it is most important to be able to study the right course.

Please help me with this letter, I have been sitting for quite a while now, and I feel that I just cant get accross, how important it is for me to get accepted for this course, as it is exactly what I want to do in my future. I also dont know if it is too short, but I cant see what else I could write that is relevant....

Please help!!!!!!
Hi Heidi,

I think this is very well written and states your position very clearly, very effectively and very enthusiastically. It also shows that your English is at an excellent level.

I suggest you just send it 'as is' without any changes.

Good luck, Clive
Thanks for that. It was just the confidence I needed.

Would also like to take the opportunity to say that I think that this site is absolutely fantastic, and thank all the people who help other people with things, that are really important for them, for absolutely nothing in return, except a thank you. To be honest, I didn't think that this exists in this world, and I'm completely thrilled to be proven wrong.

Thanks everybody, Heidi