Do you think the title is relevant to the story? I want to say like "For all your good hope, one day, he will know it" or "Don't regret for your good doing" but can't come up with any good title. Would you mind suggesting me any? If not, it is fine. Thank you so much for your help.

Regret Not For Good Deeds
Leo and I have been friends since we were in diapers. We live in the same neighborhood, go to the same schools, and know each other's house like it is our own. Even though Leo is not one of those handsome guys, he is very intelligent. In fact, he always ranks among the Top Three in our class. Apart from his academic excellence, he has a girlfriend that every guy would envy. Her name is Daw. She is a slim, tall girl, with twinkling black eyes. Her charming appearance and confident expression make all guys dream of her. However, there have been many rumors about this girl going around. I have never believed all that rubbish though. Until one night when I was at a pub. I saw her and was going to say hi; but then I have to stop because she was kissing with Bill, a rich and good-looking athlete in the school. I tried to tell myself that I might be drunk but the fact was that I just arrived and had not yet drunk anything, not even water. The following day I anxiously go to Leo's house and tell him what I saw last night. Believe it not, he chooses to trust his girlfriend, not his best friend who he had known for all his life. He says that I am jealous of him and made that story up to destroy their relationship. Before he runs away, he says, "get away from my life." I am stunned.
I come home and tell my mom what had happened. Much to my surprise, she starts smiling and says, "you are so me, my son." She asks me to calm down and tells me that she understands how I feel because she herself once had been in the same situation. She recalls her memory; a story that change the way I see the world begin.
Luk was married to Chi, but not everybody agreed with their relationship. Sue, Chi's mother strongly opposed it and declared that she would do anything to prevent the marriage. In her eyes, Luk was just a poor girl coming with empty hand to squander their wealth. Luk had realized this since they met for the first time, when her husband-to-be's mother greeted her with a piercing look and said, "from your head to your toe, nothing could match my son." Yet, their wedding ceremony was one of the biggest events in the area. All elders in the village were invited as well as many relatives in China. Probably, the only person who was home that day was the groom's own mother.
Everyone in the house loved her because she was kind, patient, and hard-working, but the attitude of her mother-in-law remained the same. She was so melodramatic and would blame her for every little mistake. One day, she shouted and accused Luk for trying to kill her by preparing water that was too hot. This kind of story kept repeating day after day. Luk was lost. She had done everything to please her mother-in-law but it was worthless. This painful position made her cry many times. Thanks to the support of her beloved partner and Luk's belief: "good deeds beget good results," she did not give up.
One day, Sue got the flu. She had a high fever; aches and pains spread all over her body forcing her to stay in bad all the time. Unfortunately, most of her children including Chi had happened to be away for several weeks, and the rest were too busy working. Sue was left home alone with Luk, the very last person on earth she would want to be taken care by. Although Sue had treated her badly, Luk did not mind sacrificing day and night to her. She would woke up at five in the morning to make a bowl of rice porridge, prepare Chinese medicine, and serve her. After finished her housework routine, she would boil water to made a pot of ginseng tea and had it next to Sue's bed to drink at night. Not even a word of "thank you" came out from her hard-to-please mother's mouth.
Four rough days had passed, Luk was very exhausted due to the fact that she had not gotten enough sleep lately. Everything was like usual, she got up early, cooked food, and prepared medicine. While she was handing a glass of ginseng tea to Sue. KRESHH! She dropped it. The glass was broken as well as all Luk's courage. She knew that she will be blamed for her clumsiness. Luk kept saying "sorry" like crazy. As to her surprise, what the mother said was, "it is okay; just prepare me another cup of that." That few words meant so much to her. She knew that a saying, "good deeds beget good results," is true. All her effort was starting to pay off. She quickly ran with smile to the kitchen, and a new cup of tea was prepared and served.
Just before Chi came back, Sue recovered from the flu. Although a mother-in-law still could not fully accept her daughter-in-law as her child, the relationship among them gradually got better. Sue was less arrogant towards her daughter and talked to her in a much nicer way. Unfortunately, she did not live very long; a couple years later, she passed away because of breast cancer. You will not believe what was her last words: "I am sorry, Luk, my wonderful child." My mom closes her story with a smile but her eyes are close to tears.
I am relieved by that story; at least I know that I have done the right thing.
That evening, Leo calls me saying that he is extremely sorry; he did not mean like what he said. He admits that he always knows that Daw does not take their relationship seriously; but he has denied that fact and fooled himself. Before he hang up, he says,"Thank you, dude, for pulling me out of that fancy world."
Hi -

There are some grammatical errors here, but not too many for a story of this length.

There are a few other problems, though. Are we supposed to understand that your mother is Luk, the poor girl who never gave up on trying to do the right thing? It's not clera that it's so. However, that aside, telling your friend one time "Your girlfriend was a cheating whore" is terrible comparison to years and years of dedicated service under an always-disapproving mother-in-law. There's no parellel there. A friend telling his friend a painful but honest truth in one day does not equal this poor woman's years of humialation. It's not at all the same type of "good deed."

Can the mother's story simply stand on its own? It's a good story. Maybe you can just leave out the entire opening, which doesn't relate to the rest very well. Instead just say that you were feeling discouraged because there was someon you were trying to help who didn't appreciate what you were doing, and in fact, you had tried many times to be useful and a good friend, and kept getting rejected by this person. THEN tell the mother's story. Maybe you can end it with you getting a little gift from the person you were tyring to help, to show that you were appreciated after all.
Yes i think so
thats a nice and interested story tooo.
keep up the good work