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Well, I am Ahmed graduated from the university of Algiers in ALgeria, in International relations, the year of 2004
I am trying to join a university of Lapland in Finland, and I think that here I have just a problem; and any one who has had courses in Finland or is actuelly studying in anuniversity in finland can give me a solution,

I took the TOEFL in Nov 2004, and I got 527, instead of 550 required in this university! and I am afraid that I won't be accepted just because of this score, even if I have good marks in my previous studies ( BA)
For your information; After my graduation, I started teaching English for secondary school students. For the first time I felt the most gratifying and heartwarming feeling I have ever felt in my life. I felt that I am actually making a difference and positively affecting many lives

Now, I am really in trouble, and I don't know what to do, so I need some help just to know what to do face to a such situation? should I send my application regardless my scores, or what?! please what do you think I should do?! Emotion: sad

I have chosen this forum, because I think that this is the right place where I can find an answer;

I look forward to hearing from you,

thank you in advance;

faithfully yours, Ahmed
Hi Ahmed,

Most universities will make an exception for students whose command of English they deem good enough. You could contact the Applications Office to ask whether you still need to take a TOEFL if your bachelor's degree was also entirely Anglophone Emotion: smile

Thank you very much, I'm going to do so, Emotion: smile