Hello everybody,

Please help me to make a motivation letter for PhD studies in UK, London. Main area of research tuberculosis and HIV. there is my CV with some information:


Name XXX

Date of birth xxx

Place of birth xxx

Marital status single

Home address Germany


1996 - 2002 Medical Institute, Faculty of Medicine, 6 years

Academic Degree

2002 MD

Professional Experience

1996 - 2002 membership in student’s scientific society

Research activities in different departments of Medical Institute:

Department of obstetrics and gynecology - researches devoted to the endometriosis, laboratory work with paraffin-embedded and frozen sections (immunohistochemistry, PCR, etc)

Department of public health - researches in the epidemiology and prevention of alcohol

Work experience

May - October 2005 - Medical director, chief of the scientific department in the Pharm Company

Language Skills

English (language of instructions)

German (beginner level)

Computer Skills

Programming languages - HTML

Operating System - MS Windows 3.11/95/98/NT/2000/XP

Software: MS Office, Photoshop, Internet Explorer


Reading, cooking, writing prose, playing the piano, tourism

Clinical and Research interests

Public health, preventive medicine, infectious diseases, epidemiology, gynecology and obstetrics





We don't write letters for people. You write the letter then come here for advice on it.
but my english is not perfect to wtite it...
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The idea with the motivation letter besides motivating your candidacy is to show your writing/grammar skills.