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A Memorable Childhood Experience
by: Nghia Vo

Do you have a childhood experience that has been embedded in your mind even up to this day? Everyone has a childhood; some had memorable year, awkward years and weird stages. Childhood is the world of miracle, problems and worries seemed insignificant to me. Nothing seemed to matter, only fun and great time. Every single one of us has a wonderful story about our childhood. I have many great memories of my childhood year, but one incident that I could forget for the rest of my life.

As I remember, it was a beautiful hot and shinning summer day. Where all school are over and people are busy traveling. Every summer my parents and our family friends always send us to our uncle’s house for vacation. We all children always spend our summer at our uncle’s house. Mean me, my siblings, my cousins and friends are going with my uncle. Day before the trip, my brother, sister and me are exciting packaging our clothes to go. Since my uncle live in the (one of the beautiful tourist spot island in Philippine), we need to travel by boat to get there. The ferry boat station is about two and half hour from our home. We left the home about four hours before the boat time just because we need to wait for my cousins and other kids to arrive. After a long travel and car sick, we finally arrived at the port. While waiting for my cousins and other, I enjoy watching those children dive for coins tossed. When cousins arrived, we are all ready to go. But we need to wait for half an hour to get on the boat because of crowded people traveling, that time was a busiest months of the island. The ride took about one and half hour, I was boat sick and I feel so dizzy while others are busy screen viewing. I remember my little cousin was trying to wake me up just to see those cute dolphins jumping. I try myself to glance a bit and I saw those cute dolphins jumping. Suddenly, my boat sick was gone. After we go to my uncle’s house, everybody was tired and we went to bed early without took our dinner.

On the next day, when I wake up in the morning at 5:30 am, I saw everyone is rushed to the kitchen table for breakfast because we didn’t took our dinner last night. After breakfast everyone is went out to play, just only I and my other girls left for cleaning and doing dish washing. My uncle walks all of us to the beach to see sunrise. Actually I'm not really an early morning person, I just want to go back to sleep after my breakfast. Uncle Le was force all of us to go jogging. It was so cold and chilly but all of that was worthy. After I saw a beautiful sunrise and visuals all around fill me with peace and serenity, making it all worth it and a great way to start my day. When I saw the sunrise, I feel so peaceful and free, because there were no homework to do and I could hear my mom nagging about cleaning my room. Everything was perfect that time, suddenly my cousin blast the water in my face. My day dreaming turn into nightmare, I was so mad and I almost slap him but when I saw everyone enjoy playing in water. I don’t have second thought but jump into the water and playing with them. One of my elder cousins was scared that my uncle will scold us, because before he went back to his house. He told us not to play with water but we end up swimming and having playing in the water. My little cousin and other kids are busy building sand castles and searching for cute shell. After an hour playing with water, we decide to go back home. I was so scared that my uncle will scold us because we didn’t ask permission to swims. My guy cousin suddenly shouting “I have a great idea”, everyone was staring at him. He told me to lie to my uncle that I’m the one who start the water fighting. Since my uncle love me the most, he won’t get mad. When we went home, my uncle was standing in front of the door holding towels and smiling. He expects that we will get wet. We all rushed to the bathroom to change. There only one bathroom in the house, so we need to share bathroom together. I remember there were five girls in one bathroom and the boys were having fun taking shower at the backyard.

After a changing, we all went to kitchen table for lunch. Everybody is seemed so hungry. When the foods arrive, everyone’s faces look so happy. After lunch, we went to living room and plays. Some of my little cousins are tired. They sleep in the living, lining like a fish in a market. They look so adorable. Now we all young adults mean my siblings, my two cousins and me and my uncle and my two friends. We play cards games, if someone lost we need to mark color pen on their face. Unfortunately, I not good on cards games, I got most marked on my face. I look like a clown and it took me an hour to remove those marked on my face. My elder sister asks me and my cousin to go with her, to pick some sour mango at my uncle’s neighbor. Since the neighbor is so nice they let us picked the fruit. When home with many mangos in our arm, we run to the kitchen and clean it. We are happily eating those sour mangos, while other are busy playing hide and seek. When went to sleep afterward. When we wake up, our uncle took us to the beautiful restaurant near to the beach for dinner. As I walked along the sandy beach, I saw the sun slowly go down. At first, the ocean looked orange and red. Then, it turns slowly to pink, to purple and finally it getting dark. As I look at the sky, I saw thousand of stars and I heard the waves hit the shores, and I felt the cold water swirl around my feet. Suddenly I heard a loud voice calling me. It was my uncle and others calling me to go back to the restaurant. After a wonderful dinner with my uncle and others, we went to the open bar near to the restaurant to have some ice cream. We were campfire and telling ghost stories under the delightful view of the sky. We always took a walks in the beach. We got home pretty late and we didn’t go to sleep. We were playing cards game again until dawn.

I have a wonderful summer time with my childhood friends and my uncle. It is totally amazing how I wake up every morning rushing to the bathroom, so I don’t need to fight over with others whom take the bath. I’ll never forget the smell of the cold air from beach and the sound of the waves hit the shores. That was one place that I could stay there forever. I love staying at my uncle home instead of my home because I have fun living there with all my childhood friends. Even though, I arguer a lots with them but I feel so happy just auguring with them. I think just a part of my great memories of my childhood. Now we all separate in different part of the world but there something bond us together. Childhood memories are the most important part of my life. I always cherish those memories for the rest of my life. There's something about childhood friends that you just can't replace.
Sandi - your narrative needs a lot of work.

You are tellling a story about events that happened to you in the past. Go through EACH sentence and make sure the verb is written in the past tense.

Some sentences don't make sense: "We were campfire . . ." "We always took a walks in the beach.' "Everybody is seemed so hungry.'

Post it again after you have proof-read your work.

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[Y] childhood memories are most beautiful as i know