They gave you life
They give you warm and strength
Your mum adn dad, they try to give you all the best

Sometimes u disagree with them,
Sometimes they make you sad,
But close the eyes for all this stupid small mistakes,
They try ti give you just all the best!
Imagine you you would die tomorrow
Who would be so much sorrow ?
Parents we left behind will feel the loss
for the rest of their lives.

You have to know that great meaning of the word"fanily"
Family- Father And Mother I Love You

What do u think about it??
Is it ok?
If there r any mistakes can u correct them please!

is spelled thus.
Close one's eyes to
not be but feel sorrow.

Please check your spelling.
Thanks a lot, Mr. Micawber!!!
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shouldn't we say warmth instead of warm?
At first i would like to say thanks to Mr.Micawber again!! because of your correcturs i got 1 in english!!!!!!
The one mistake was that YOhf said-wamrth.... but anyway i got 1!!!!!
I'm afraid I didn't understand you... What do you mean?
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I wonder if his marks were scaled from 0 to 1.